Ada yang mau ke Pulau Belitong?? Pulau yang terkenal dengan Laskar Pelangi dan Keindahan Pantainya..

Silahkan Cek:

Untuk paket 4D-3N (4 hari 3 malam) bisa dilihat di postingan: Promo Travelling Wisata Murah ke Belitung 4D-3N 4 Hari 3 Malam

Untuk paket 3D-2N (3 hari 2 malam) bisa dilihat di postingan: Promo Travelling Wisata Murah ke Belitung 3D-2N 3 Hari 2 Malam

Untuk paket 2D-1N (2 hari 1 malam) bisa dilihat di postingan: Promo Travelling Wisata Murah ke Belitung 2D-1N 2 Hari 1 Malam


All Pict are from

Also see for: The Best Team Squad of Real Madrid : 1st half season 2011-2012 Hala Madrid

I thought this is 1st team of Real Madrid in 1st half 2010-2011. For Super Sub are Karim Benzema, Alvaro Arbeloa and Lassana Diara . How about Ricardo Kaka? Until last November 2010, he was injury.

Back: Stand from left to right:  Name (number, position, country):

Pepe ( 3, Center Defender, Portugal), Sergio Ramos (4, Right Wing  Defender, Spanyol), Xabi Alonso (14, Midfielder, Spanyol), Sami Kheidera (24, Midfielder, German), Ricardo Carvalho (2, Center Defender, Portugal), Cristiano Ronaldo (7, Forward, Portugal).

Front: from left to right Name (number, position, country):

Iker Casillas (1, Goalkeeper, Spanyol), Angel Di Maria(22, Midfielder, Argentina), Marcelo(12, Left  Wing  Defender), Gonzalo Higuain(20, Forward, Argentina), Mesut Ozil (23, Midfielder, German).

For complete squad this season you can go to: or you can view my posting chandrapzm.wordpre…

If u wanna follow real madrid or real madrid players twitter account, you can check my Posting chandrapzm.wordpre…

For Fixtures, Result match of Real Madrid in La Liga season 2010/2011 u can go to:

Real Madrid La Liga Fixtures

to this link:

Hall Of Fame of Real Madrid (Trophy Room) : All their cups ( La Liga, Copa del Rey, Liga Champion) check this link :

Who is legend players in Real Madrid?? Check this link

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