When Adam is angry with Beth because she has lie to him, this is some sentence that are talked by Harlan to Adam.

I met a girl who made me a promise.
When I came back, she was right there waiting for me.
But I found out she hadn’t quite kept her promise…
so I put some things in a bag and I left.
Never spoke to her again.
Though sometimes the wanting to was…
was like a live animal clawing at my chest from the inside.
<i>Thirty-five years.</i>
She’s the only picture in my head…
can still stop me in broad daylight…
and make me curse myself
for a stubborn old fool.

It’s not rocket science.
I’m saying you need to talk to the girl one more time, that’s all.

Liars is all you’re gonna run across in this world.
A man has got to learn the difference between just plain liars…
and liars worth lovin’.

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